Windows 8 Launch Tracker: Follow the Adoption of Windows 8 as it Happens

windows8logoHave you been reading the news about Windows 8 lately?

It’s October 26th – Windows 8 is finally here, as is the Microsoft Surface WinRT tablet! And as the links above show, consumers and developers alike are really, really excited.

MarkedUp has been diligently helping Windows 8 developers measure how their users consume their apps since September, and so we have a unique opportunity to use our growing data set to help curious onlookers and technology enthusiasts get to track the adoption of Windows 8 as it happens.

So, without further adieu, allow us to introduce you to our Windows 8 Launch Tracker!

Windows 8 Launch Tracker - Powered by MarkedUp AnalyticsWe’re going to update the statistics daily and help developers track how quickly Windows 8 is picked up by the community at large, using our entire data set.

Sampling Methodology

Our methodology for sampling the data displayed in the charts is straightforward: we take a seven day rolling average of all active users and new installations detected from an app and calculate rate of change between them.

There are some other things we do to try to prevent outliers from spiking the graph (i.e. apps that acquire a large number of users rapidly, usually popular titles ported from other platforms) but generally it’s all just rate of changes against a moving average of new devices activated and daily active users.

You’ll notice a big surge on the 19th – that’s due to a trend that started on the 15th of October where the Windows Store approved nearly 20% of the current apps that are in market now (roughly 5000 apps in market,) which subsequently lead to a big surge in our numbers.

If the Windows Store goes through another sustained round of high-volume approvals that will similarly spike our numbers again.

We’re working on refining our methodology for the “Windows 8 by chipset architecture” graph at the bottom since we expect it to change radically with the availability of new ARM devices.

We’re going to email out more detailed trends and analysis on the growth of the Windows 8 ecosystem; if you want more detailed reports on trends with Windows 8, sign up for our newsletter!