Announcing Pricing for MarkedUp Analytics

Today we’re announcing pricing for MarkedUp. One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from customers over the past year and a half is that they haven’t been able to pay us for our service. We know that you want us to be around for years to come so you can use our services in all of your applications.

MarkedUp Analytics has been available in public beta since October 2012, and I wanted to share some data about our progress.

Since 2012 we’ve had more than 40 million devices run over 1000 apps over 180 million times! We’ve observed more than 10 million crashes and 80 million exceptions JavaScript and C#. And most impressively, we’ve observed over a 1 billion session events.

And we could not have done any of this without developers like you using our service. Thank you!

We care deeply about our community, which is why we’ve responded to over 300 support tickets from our users within a business day – most of them within the hour! We’ve enjoyed building a community on our twitter account and facebook page and we’ve spoken with many of our users over Skype, email, and in-person at conferences like //BUILD and the Cassandra Summit.

When I founded MarkedUp, I wanted to make it easy for app developers to see how their end-users actually use their apps. I wanted to make you excited when you saw users around the world install your brand new app in real-time, make you aware when your app is crashing and having trouble, and help you discover who your paying customers are.

We’re constantly pushing the envelope for making our experience even better.  We have more big plans in-store for MarkedUp, such as our upcoming support for Win32, iOS, and Android and more.

We’re fully committed to always having a free tier. It’s central to our values as software developers ourselves. We want to make sure that developers can test and deploy new applications on our platform at no cost.

As of today we’re offering premium plans for larger developers with big install bases – introducing pricing for MarkedUp Analytics:

Pricing Plans for Apps

Maximum Users Monthly Cost
Free 10,000 -
50K Users 50,000 $49
100K Users 100,000 $99
300K Users 300,000 $150
1M Users 1,000,000 $450
Unlimited Unlimited $1,000

MarkedUp’s perpetual free tier covers all apps with fewer than 10,000 distinct monthly users – beyond that paid plans begin at $49 a month and will have access to some yet-to-be-announced new features and services that will be coming soon.

We chose to charge based off of the number of users because sticking with our original pricing plan, charging per the volume of data collected, would have been… kind of insane.

Accruing a million data points in a month is astonishingly easy. And while we do need to be able to build a sustainable revenue stream in order to ensure that MarkedUp is around for years to come, nickel-and-diming our users who every log message and session event they collect is not the way to do it.

So with this billing model in mind all of our customers our customers can leverage MarkedUp’s entire platform from engagement analytics to app diagnostics to revenue tracking without having to worry about additional cost-per-data. Use all of it!

How to Upgrade Your App to a Premium Plan

You can upgrade to your app by going to the new “Plans” tab on your dashboard.

buy - step 1

And select the most appropriate plan from the list:

buy - step 2

And then follow the steps in the checkout wizard to complete your upgrade.

I will be reaching out to all customers who will be impacted by these pricing changes. Your service will not be interrupted – we will always collect data on your behalf even if you have an outstanding bill.

It’s important to note that after you select your plan you will not be charged until March 1st, when this pricing goes into effect. MarkedUp will charge you at the beginning of each month going forward, based on your previous month’s usage.

A Special Gift for MarkedUp Beta Users

I’ve communicated with many of you individually about our pricing already, long before this announcement. I’m amazed by our community – we have intelligent customers who build exceptional apps and whose feedback we’ve directly incorporated into MarkedUp’s features and product roadmap.

So as a way of saying thank you to all of you, we’re offering a 50% discount on all premium plans for 12 months to everyone who upgrades to a paid plan before March 1st.

Go to your plans page for all apps you want to upgrade and use the coupon code BETACUSTOMER to activate your discount.

How to Active Your MarkedUp Discount Coupon

And once you’ve hit the “Apply” button on the plans page, you’ll see the pricing drop immediately for all plans.

buy - activate coupon2

And there you have it. This coupon is only good if you use it before March 1st, so activate it soon!

If you have any questions about our pricing our billing practices, please contact me and the rest of the MarkedUp team at – we’ll provide you with a speedy reply to any of your questions!

New Offer for BizSpark Startups: Free MarkedUp App Analytics for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

trans_msbizspark_logo-300x212Today MarkedUp is happy to announce a special offer for all Microsoft BizSpark companies: all BizSpark companies now have access to MarkedUp App Analytics for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 for free!

As the BizSpark team announced in their blog post today:

Aaron Stannard, CEO of MarkedUp, says that this is a step ahead of what other apps analytics tools do, and that it’s the natural progression of analysis tools for applications and user activities that are escaping the web browser and living on any device.

“The diff between a four star and a five star app is something that people can use offline. Look at a news reader that people are going to be able to use on an airplane. You can use MarkedUp to take a look at how many people try to start the app when they have no connectivity whatsoever,” says Stannard. This is vital intelligence for developers.

This offer is now live for Microsoft Bizspark members. You can get free analytics for your Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps as of today. Stannard says that they have already done some testing for Windows Phone 8, and when that phone is widely released developers will be able to get functionality for those apps.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a tremendous ecosystem player like BizSpark, who’s helped nearly 45,000 companies around the world realize their dreams.

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter if you have any questions!