Track In-App Purchase and Trial Conversion Revenue like Never Before: New Commercial Reporting from MarkedUp

We’ve been working feverishly over the past few weeks to provide MarkedUp customers a radically better experience for tracking sales and revenue than before, and we’re proud to stand behind our latest release: introducing commercial reporting version 2.

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In our last major update to MarkedUp customers, we released verison 1.0.5 of the MarkedUp Analytics SDK and made some significant updates to how we track sales and revenue inside the app.

We made those changes in order to provide a better experience to customers who need to track sales and revenue from in-app purchases and trial conversions; this update is to make sure that you get excellent reporting to match.

So without further adieu, let’s show you what’s under the hood!

Break out Sales by Country, OS Version, App Version, Device, and More!

We’ve added over 24 new reporting views to MarkedUp in this update, and the biggest ones are the drill-down reporting for sales and revenue.


These reports help you measure important things like:

  1. Where your most frequent customers are located geographically;
  2. If one release of your app is more / less effective at converting users into customers than another;
  3. If there’s a disparity between your total installs on Device X and total customers on that same device; and
  4. How different operating systems and OS versions change the purchasing habits of your users.

Per-Product Sales Reporting and Top Performing Products

If you’re going to offer one in-app purchase, you might as well offer two – right?

For developers who are selling multiple products via the Windows Store or any other marketplace, MarkedUp offers the ability to break out all of the reports mentioned in the previous update by each product individually.

Moreover, we’ve added a new top-level report, “Top Performing Products,” that allows you to view the performance of all of your app’s products at a glance.

Revenue Reporting in Multiple Currenciescurrency-selector

Most companies standardize on a single currency, but since the Windows Store allows you to price your application in up in over 60+ currencies, we felt it necessary to make sure that you can record your sales in as many currencies as your business supports.

In all of your Excel® reports, we break out revenue by currency so you’ll always be able to keep them separate during accounting.

Microsoft Excel® Export for all Commercial Reports


As it commonplace throughout the rest of MarkedUp’s reports, all of our new commercial reports ship with the ability to export directly to Microsoft Excel® from day one.

Now you if want to perform any of your own analysis on revenue and transaction figures MarkedUp collects, you can download our data directly into Excel format on-demand.

Something New: “Users who bought” Report – Dynamic Search through Your Sales Transactions

The most powerful feature of them all is something special – the “Users who bought” report. This allows you to dynamically search over every sales transaction your app has ever recorded using MarkedUp version 1.0 and later.

Words don’t do “Users who bought” justice – you have to see it in action:

MarkedUp Analytics–Users Who Bought Report

If you sell in-app purchases or trial conversions inside your apps and aren’t using these features, take advantage of them now!

How to Get Started with MarkedUp’s Commerce API

Here’s how you can get started with MarkedUp’s Commerce API:

  1. Watch our tutorial video, “Using Commercial Transactions to Track In-App Revenue” [4:02]
  2. Read the MarkedUp Commerce API Overview in our documentation.
  3. Read our tutorial, “Tracking In-App Purchases and Trial Conversion Using MarkedUp Analytics.”

And as always, if you have questions, reach out to us at or reach out to us on Twitter (@MarkedUpMobi.) We’re happy to help!



Updates to MarkedUp Conversion and Purchase Tracking for Windows 8 Apps

Today we released a new version of the MarkedUp Analytics SDK and some sample Windows 8 applications with MarkedUp installed (WinRT only for now; WinJS should be available soon.)

The big change? Significant improvements to our Commerce Events API.

Although the overwhelmingly majority of apps in the Windows Store are currently free MarkedUp wants to do a first-rate job supporting premium apps and apps that leverage in-app purchases and make it trivial for developers to measure important commercial metrics like average purchase size, total daily revenue per source, and so forth.

So here are the changes we made to MarkedUp’s Commerce API over the weekend:

Automatically detect and report trial conversions

MarkedUp Analytics now supports the ability to automatically detect paid conversions from trial licenses to fully purchased apps, without the developer having write any code whatsoever. We accurately capture both the price and currency directly from the marketplace too!

If a user starts the app in a trial mode and then resumes the app with a full license, we automatically convert that to a trial if we didn’t already detect the user’s change in license status via a developer’s explicit TrialConversionCompleted call (more on that in a moment.)

Automatic detection of currency and price for in-app purchases and trials

The original signature for TrialConversionCompleted and InAppPurchaseCompleted required the developer to specify a price, currency, and all sorts of other data that we would use in our currency charts. Let me show you what the new method signatures look like:

TrialConversionCompleted (C#/XAML)

InAppPurchaseCompleted (C#/XAML)

A lot simpler, as you can see. MarkedUp now automatically downloads all license information from the Windows Store and determines local price / currency for you.

For in app purchases, all you have to do is provide the MarkedUp Analytics SDK with the in-app purchase product ID from the Windows Store and we can automatically look up its price in the user’s locale.

Further questions?

Do you have anything else you’d like to know about our MarkedUp’s commerce event API? Go ahead and ask us here or contact MarkedUp support at