MarkedUp Analytics Beta for Windows 8 is Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that MarkedUp Analytics for Windows 8 is now available for public use!


Our team worked lots of long hours delivering MarkedUp in time for WinRT developers to get their arms wrapped around it well before the public ship date for Windows 8 (October 26th, 2012) and we are really, really happy with what we built.

MarkedUp is currently in-use in several Windows 8 apps already being distributed in the Windows Store, and it works equally well both for WinJS and C# / XAML.

The best part though is the pricing – while in beta, MarkedUp is absolutely 100% free as in “free beer” for developers. Eventually we will have pricing tiers, but there will always be a perpetual free tier so developers never have to open their wallets when starting a new project.

How to Get a Free Beta Registration Code

There’s been a lot of pent-up demand for MarkedUp, and while we want to make it available to everyone soon, we’re capping registration with limited-use codes.

Want a free MarkedUp registration code? Send us an email to and we will send you one!

How to Get Started with MarkedUp

So you’re one of the lucky people who’s received a registration code, how do you get started working with MarkedUp?

I recommend watching MarkedUp’s tutorial video for Windows 8 developers – it explains everything including the data dashboard and shows you how to get live data out of one of your Windows 8 applications in 10 minutes or less.

Getting Started with MarkedUp for Windows 8 Developers

If you still need more help, take a look at MarkedUp’s documentation or drop us a line at

Please let us know if there’s anything else you need – we are eager for feedback and we need users like you to help guide the development of the next versions of MarkedUp!

Introduction to MarkedUp

markedup-logo-smlAs I announced on my personal blog earlier this morning – today marks my last day with Microsoft. I am sad to be leaving such a tremendous and awesome organization, but I am very excited about what we’re going to be doing with MarkedUp moving forward.

Our vision for MarkedUp is simple: we want to make it really easy for WinRT developers to get actionable insights on how users are consuming their applications.


We intend do this through providing WinRT developers with kick-ass analytics and reporting on in-app behavior and more.

MarkedUp is a service created by developers, for developers. We created MarkedUp because it’s something we wanted for our own applications first and foremost.

We’re gearing up to put a beta version of the product in market soon, so if you’re developing for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 we strongly suggest that you sign up for updates on MarkedUp.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments here or reach out to MarkedUp on Twitter.


Engines Start. Development is Go!

Welcome to the inaugural posting of the MarkedUp blog!

Hopefully the first of many such posts. On this blog we’ll share our experiences not just with developing MarkedUp but with our general development experience from Windows 8 development and others as well.

We’re a passionate bunch of developers and hope this blog and the posts that follow will help the greater development community as a whole. Even if it’s just in small way. Since that’s what we do.