MarkedUp is Shutting Down

Well, this is a letter that no startup founder or technologist ever wants to write. But sadly, it’s often that case with startup companies.

Dear MarkedUp fans and users, I regret to inform you that MarkedUp will be closing its doors after more than two years of service. Our current plan is to shut everything down on November 30th, although that may be subject to change.

Long story short: our business struggled to find a viable business model with the amount of time we had on the clock. MarkedUp In-app Marketing was off to a very promising start, but unfortunately it takes a lot of capital and a lot of time to build up sales around a unique product – and we simply ran out of both.

For those of you who are worried about what happens when our service shuts down:

  1. Most apps should not be affected by our service shutting down, even if you still have our SDK embedded inside your app. Our SDKs have been designed from day one to be resilient in the event that MarkedUp’s services experience a period of downtime. That being said, it’s in your best interests to migrate to Google Analytics, Flurry, or another analytics provider soon.
  2. If you want backups of your data, please use the Excel® download links on your reports ASAP. Most reports should have these.
  3. Any In-app Marketing customers will not receive further invoices. We bill at the beginning of the month for MarkedUp IAM, and we will not be sending any further invoices.

Thanks for all of your support and feedback over the years. We worked hard to make sure we could provide you a responsive, easy-to-use and understand analytics experience and appreciate your patronage of our service.

On behalf of the MarkedUp family, thank you!

The Future of MarkedUp: Support for all Major Native App Platforms

MarkedUp Users and Customers,

If you’ve logged into your MarkedUp Analytics dashboards in the past day or so, you might have been surprised by the new look and feel of our site. We hope you enjoy it!

And it’s not just the look and feel of our site that’s different.

MarkedUp: No Longer Only for Windows 8, Windows Phone

The first thing you’ll see on today is this:

Future native app plaftorms MarkedUp Analytics will support: Win32, Android, iOS

Our team has enjoyed working with WinRT and Windows Phone developers over the past year and a half, and we want to bring our services to developers working on other platforms too!

Our goal is to enable developers of all shapes and sizes ship better, more satisfying software to their end-users – and we want to do this on every platform developers care about!

Sign up for early access to Win32, iOS, and Android updates from MarkedUp

We’ll keep you updated on our latest progress for each platform, including access to early binaries and platform-specific services.

Click on any of the links below to sign up!

Coming Soon: MarkedUp Analytics for Windows Desktop Applications


The first new platform that MarkedUp will fully support is Win32 – the platform used for building traditional Windows desktop applications.

We may have mobile and touch platforms like iOS and Android to thank for the resurgence of native application development over the past five years, but the Windows Desktop is the original developer platform.

The Windows Desktop economy is strong and growing, doing over $100b+ a year in license + services sales directly to end-users annually.

However, it’s a market that largely predates the Internet – and thus it’s had trouble adopting all of the software sales + marketing + product best practices that are commonly used throughout modern software development shops, largely due to lack of third party services and tools.

Modern software development practices depend on connected services like analytics and marketing automation to in order to make data-driven decisions, and it’s MarkedUp Analytics’ intention to finally make some of these services available to Windows Desktop developers.

Sign up for MarkedUp Analytics for Windows Desktop (Win32) waitlist.

The details

MarkedUp Analytics will support the following flavors of Win32 development:

  • Windows Forms: .NET 3.5 and later
  • Windows Presentation Foundation: .NET 3.5 and later
  • Native C/C++: Windows XP and later

Holy crap, you’re supporting C/C++ applications for Windows?!?!?!

Yes! Our native C/C++ components will support the all of the same APIs that are available in the .NET flavors of our Win32 SDK.

Worth noting: our C/C++ SDKs will depend on .NET.

How will your WPF / WinForms support compare to your WinRT and Windows Phone APIs?

They’re virtually identical. The only major difference is that our .NET 3.5 / .NET 4.0 / .NET 4.5 SDKs for WPF and WinForms development will expose more methods for manually handling events such as app start / termination.

Win32, by its very nature, is a much more open platform than WinRT / Windows Phone and thus the developers have a lot more options when it comes to how they manage the lifecycle of their applications.

Thus, we decided it would be inappropriate for MarkedUp to try to automate some of the things we do on WinRT and Windows Phone.

How can we access the Win32 binaries for MarkedUp Analytics?

As with our WinRT and Windows Phone SDKs, you will be able to download MarkedUp’s WinForms and WPF SDKs via NuGet.

For the native C/C++ SDKs, we will make downloads available via our CDN.

When will you make the Win32 SDKs available?

Find out.

iOS and Android

There are a ton of choices for iOS and Android when it comes to app analytics and reporting – when we were developing apps ourselves, we frankly felt that many of these services were difficult to use, had sub-standard reporting, and non-existent service.

We still feel that way.

Thus, we are making it a goal of our to provide support for iOS and Android in the near future! They’re further out than Win32 support, but we’ll keep you updated on the latest.


-The MarkedUp Analytics Team

New Offer for BizSpark Startups: Free MarkedUp App Analytics for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

trans_msbizspark_logo-300x212Today MarkedUp is happy to announce a special offer for all Microsoft BizSpark companies: all BizSpark companies now have access to MarkedUp App Analytics for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 for free!

As the BizSpark team announced in their blog post today:

Aaron Stannard, CEO of MarkedUp, says that this is a step ahead of what other apps analytics tools do, and that it’s the natural progression of analysis tools for applications and user activities that are escaping the web browser and living on any device.

“The diff between a four star and a five star app is something that people can use offline. Look at a news reader that people are going to be able to use on an airplane. You can use MarkedUp to take a look at how many people try to start the app when they have no connectivity whatsoever,” says Stannard. This is vital intelligence for developers.

This offer is now live for Microsoft Bizspark members. You can get free analytics for your Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps as of today. Stannard says that they have already done some testing for Windows Phone 8, and when that phone is widely released developers will be able to get functionality for those apps.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a tremendous ecosystem player like BizSpark, who’s helped nearly 45,000 companies around the world realize their dreams.

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter if you have any questions!

MarkedUp is Hiring an Engineering Intern

The MarkedUp team is looking to bring aboard an engineering intern (still in college or a recent graduate) who can help us with some of our technical content and reference applications.

If the job description and qualifications below sound like a fit for you, drop us a line at!

Job Description

MarkedUp is looking for a college student or recent graduate who wants experience working with a fast-moving engineering team at an early stage technology company and wants a chance to make a difference.

During your internship with MarkedUp you’ll have a chance to learn modern software development practices like continuous integration and build automation; learn how to manage source control and project management on a team of skilled professionals; and you’ll get to learn a lot about building developer communities and building development tools.

As an intern with MarkedUp you’ll be responsible for working on some of our reference Windows 8 applications, working with our analytics reporting interface, and writing some of the technical content for our blog and documentation.

Skills & Requirements

Experience with our stack (ASP.NET MVC4, SQL Server, RavenDB, C#) is not a requirement for this internship and you will have a chance to learn those technologies if you start working with us.

That said, here are the qualifications for this position:

  • Strong writing skills and the ability to communicate technical concepts concisely and clearly;
  • Enthusiasm for development and learning new technologies;
  • Self-directed and able to learn new technologies independently;
  • Demonstrable experience working with native app development or web apps; and
  • Tenacious – able and eager to work through difficult and non-obvious challenges.

About MarkedUp

MarkedUp provides desktop application developers with an easy-to-use analytics service that helps them measure and improve the quality of experience customers have with their apps.

We’re tackling big problems: big data, data analysis, data visualization, developer usability, reporting, developing reliable native clients that can work even in disconnected scenarios, and more.

If you’re interested in joining an early stage company and making a difference, MarkedUp give you a chance to learn lots of new skills and work with some of the best in the business.

Click here if you want to learn more about MarkedUp.

MarkedUp Analytics Beta for Windows 8 is Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that MarkedUp Analytics for Windows 8 is now available for public use!


Our team worked lots of long hours delivering MarkedUp in time for WinRT developers to get their arms wrapped around it well before the public ship date for Windows 8 (October 26th, 2012) and we are really, really happy with what we built.

MarkedUp is currently in-use in several Windows 8 apps already being distributed in the Windows Store, and it works equally well both for WinJS and C# / XAML.

The best part though is the pricing – while in beta, MarkedUp is absolutely 100% free as in “free beer” for developers. Eventually we will have pricing tiers, but there will always be a perpetual free tier so developers never have to open their wallets when starting a new project.

How to Get a Free Beta Registration Code

There’s been a lot of pent-up demand for MarkedUp, and while we want to make it available to everyone soon, we’re capping registration with limited-use codes.

Want a free MarkedUp registration code? Send us an email to and we will send you one!

How to Get Started with MarkedUp

So you’re one of the lucky people who’s received a registration code, how do you get started working with MarkedUp?

I recommend watching MarkedUp’s tutorial video for Windows 8 developers – it explains everything including the data dashboard and shows you how to get live data out of one of your Windows 8 applications in 10 minutes or less.

Getting Started with MarkedUp for Windows 8 Developers

If you still need more help, take a look at MarkedUp’s documentation or drop us a line at

Please let us know if there’s anything else you need – we are eager for feedback and we need users like you to help guide the development of the next versions of MarkedUp!

MarkedUp’s Core Values when it Comes to Software Developers

With the first version of our product just about ready to go to market, we’re thinking a lot more about recruiting and how we want to expand our team at MarkedUp.

MarkedUp is a developer-centric company: we’re building products for developers, by developers. Given that, everyone on the team should have no trouble understanding what it’s like to be in the shoes of our customers (Windows 8 developers.)

So naturally, top of mind for us is recruiting developers – specifically .NET and HTML5 / JS developers who want to make a difference at an early stage company and tackle tough problems like large-scale analytics, data visualization, building developer-facing SDKs and services, and more.

MarkedUp’s business is deeply technical, and so thus the culture we’re building follows suit – and everyone we ultimately want to hire should share our values and be as passionate about solving hard problems as we are.

So what really matters most when it comes to building a company that revolves around technology? Breadth or depth of experience? Volume of published work? Contributions to notable open source projects?

Having had to put some of this in writing recently, I thought I would share it more widely – here are what we at MarkedUp consider to be the three most important values for a developer-centric company:

1. Recognize that software development is an inherently social, team-driven experience – everyone on the team should get into a rhythm of regularly communicating and working together on tough issues, whether it’s done remotely / asynchronously / in-person – whatever.

No one codes off in a corner by themselves at MarkedUp; good programmers do their best work when they’re working with effective teams.

We do our best to make sure our developers have suitable tools and processes for managing their projects and work in concert with their teammates.

2. The ability to communicate concisely is a developer’s most important skill, even more than ability to code – everyone on the team should be able to articulate new ideas, improvements, and issues. If you can’t concisely explain a problem or a new idea, how else are you supposed to win the support of your teammates?

Developers at MarkedUp are encouraged to blog about writing software, give talks at conferences and user groups, and contribute to open source projects – because these are all forcing functions that improve a developer’s most important tool: the ability to concisely and understandably communicate technical content.

3. Continuously learn and improve – a developer’s job is to model the complexity of the real world, and to do that well you need to learn more about the world itself and improve the tools you use to model it.

MarkedUp fields a wide range of technical challenges we have to solve everyday, so we invest a lot into helping our team members improve their skills, learn new technologies, and play with new tools.

We even have a little perk to make sure that every employee at MarkedUp gets a Kindle allowance so they can snap up some new books each month and teach themselves something new. Or read a Twilight novel if they’re into that.

4. Pragmatic programmers only – at a company as early stage as MarkedUp, we have to optimize for flexibility and speed of iteration.

Everything must be designed in a way that it can be changed quickly if needed so we can frequently deliver new versions of our products. Performance, “scalable” design, and all of that other /r/Programming stuff only becomes a concern once it becomes a real problem rather than a theoretical problem.

This is how developers at MarkedUp are expected to approach problems: pragmatically. There is no room for design / platform / language dogma in our shop.


And so, off we go – we’ll probably refine this list over time ;)

MarkedUp is currently looking to hire two .NET developers to join our team – if you have any interest in joining an early stage company and make a difference in our product and your career, send us an email with the subject line “.NET developer” at