MarkedUp is Shutting Down

Well, this is a letter that no startup founder or technologist ever wants to write. But sadly, it’s often that case with startup companies.

Dear MarkedUp fans and users, I regret to inform you that MarkedUp will be closing its doors after more than two years of service. Our current plan is to shut everything down on November 30th, although that may be subject to change.

Long story short: our business struggled to find a viable business model with the amount of time we had on the clock. MarkedUp In-app Marketing was off to a very promising start, but unfortunately it takes a lot of capital and a lot of time to build up sales around a unique product – and we simply ran out of both.

For those of you who are worried about what happens when our service shuts down:

  1. Most apps should not be affected by our service shutting down, even if you still have our SDK embedded inside your app. Our SDKs have been designed from day one to be resilient in the event that MarkedUp’s services experience a period of downtime. That being said, it’s in your best interests to migrate to Google Analytics, Flurry, or another analytics provider soon.
  2. If you want backups of your data, please use the Excel® download links on your reports ASAP. Most reports should have these.
  3. Any In-app Marketing customers will not receive further invoices. We bill at the beginning of the month for MarkedUp IAM, and we will not be sending any further invoices.

Thanks for all of your support and feedback over the years. We worked hard to make sure we could provide you a responsive, easy-to-use and understand analytics experience and appreciate your patronage of our service.

On behalf of the MarkedUp family, thank you!