And Now for Something Totally Different… Real-time, In-app Marketing Automation Powered by MarkedUp Analytics

When we first started MarkedUp, we did it with the goal of making it easier for software publishers to focus on making great products, rather than worrying about how to market and sell their wares.

Our long-term goal is to automate as much of the sales and marketing process for online products as possible, regardless of the operating system or software platform.

So today we’re taking our first step in that direction by introducing a brand new service built on top of MarkedUp Analytics: MarkedUp In-App Marketing Automation.

MarkedUp In-app Marketing allows app developers to improve user retention, time spent in app, conversion, and revenue through targeted campaigns of push notifications that are delivered instantly to end-users based on their behavior inside the app.


Once you’ve installed MarkedUp into your app, you never need to update your application again in order to create new campaigns, new messages, or target new groups of users – you can do all of this on-the-fly from your MarkedUp dashboard.

In-app Marketing?

Even if you’ve never heard the term before, in-app marketing becomes part of your life the moment you release a piece of software to the public, whether it’s in the form of trying to get people to pay for a licensed version, write a review in the app store, invite their friends to your service, and so forth.

In-app marketing is how you use the features and design of your software itself to achieve these business outcomes, and with MarkedUp In-app Marketing we’ve just given you a powerful new suite of tools that make it really easy to test, improve, and create new in-app marketing tactics specific to your application on the fly.

Here’s how MarkedUp In-app Marketing works in relation to our other services and your app:

How MarkedUp In-app Marketing Works

You deploy the MarkedUp SDK along with your app, start sending session events, and then create campaigns which are delivered directly to end-users via push notification.

What’s revolutionary about this idea is the integration between MarkedUp Analytics and In-app Marketing. The same session events, navigation events, and demographic data that MarkedUp Analytics collects is what you use to target your campaigns to specific groups of users.

In fact, you should really just see how easy it is to create a MarkedUp In-app Marketing campaign.

Real World Use Cases

Here are some ideal use case where MarkedUp In-app Marketing can help app developers of any shape or size:

  1. Re-engage users who’ve stopped using your application;
  2. Help new users get more familiar with your application so they become lifelong users;
  3. Drive app store ratings, reviews, and social recommendations;
  4. Promote other titles, updates, or new features;
  5. And drive sales or upgrades with targeted offers.

All of these use-cases revolve around the idea of targeting users based on their actual behavior inside your app, which is obnoxiously difficult to do even with platforms like MixPanel and Urban Airship.

MarkedUp In-app Marketing is the first service that makes this type of targeting mind-numbingly easy, using our session events API and other data we already collect for each user.


Want to see what MarkedUp In-app Marketing looks like, end-to-end with a live desktop application? You’ve got it. Check out the video below – it’ll take less than five minutes.

Want to give MarkedUp In-app Marketing a try? Sign up or request a demo!

MarkedUp In-app Marketing is currently only available for Windows Desktop applications. If you’re interested trying In-app Marketing for your Windows Store or Windows Phone application, sign up here.


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