New MarkedUp Feature: Track Custom Events for Your Windows 8 Applications

Today we’re excited to announce a major new feature for MarkedUp Analytics: the ability to track custom session events for your application.

A “session event,” as defined by us, is simply something that happens in the course of a user running your application.

MarkedUp has a number of built-in session events like navigation events, life cycle events, and so forth. However, custom session events are defined by you, the developer.

How to Use Custom Session Events

To create a custom session event, you just need to install MarkedUp into your Windows 8 application and call the following method anywhere in your code where something you want to track occurs:

MarkedUp.AnalyticClient.SessionEvent(“{Name of Your Custom Event}”);

MK.sessionEvent(“{Name of Your Custom Event}”);

Once you’ve added that code into your application, you’ll start seeing these session events show up on your dashboard once you or any other user runs your app and triggers the custom event.

You can see the custom events by going to Engagement –> Custom Events on your app’s MarkedUp dashboard:

custom events nav

Once there, you’ll see a list of all of your app’s custom events along with some high-level data about how they’ve trended over time.

custom events view

You can change the date range and see how all of your custom events trended over any period of time.

If you want to view a higher-resolution chart of a particular event, just click the event’s name and you’ll be able to view the absolute number of event occurrences and the the per-session average over time.

custom events drilldown

That’s it! Rinse and repeat for every event you want to track!

If you want more details, take a look at our MarkedUp SDK reference documentation for custom session events.

Note to Existing MarkedUp Users: to take advantage of custom session events, you will need to upgrade your MarkedUp installation to the latest version.

Run the following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console and your installation will be upgraded automatically:

PM> Update-Package MarkedUp

Use Cases for Custom Events

So when would you need to use custom events?

The best way to think about analytics is in terms of questions and answers.

How would you get the data to answer the following questions?

  • How many games or levels do my users complete each time they start my game?
  • How many articles do users read each time they use my RSS reader?
  • How many of my users successfully recommend the app to a friend using our built-in “recommend this app” dialog? To how many friends?
  • Etc..

Any time you need to measure something specific to what your app does, use a custom event. If you have any other questions about use cases for custom events, feel free to ask us in the comments below or at


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